ff2014, Day 17

And so the Festival begins. I toddled up to the opening of the Samstag’s chunk of the Festival’s Visual Arts programme, drank a heap of Croser (thank you Petaluma!), then scuttled off to squeeze in an acrobatic show at the Croquet Club, then back to Queens Theatre for my first Festival show of the year: the wonderful BigMouth.

Then down to the VIP preview of Lola’s Pergola, which is alright – not sure it’s worth wandering halfway across the city for, though.

  1. Elixir
  2. BigMouth

After we started getting pushed out the door at Lola’s (at 11pm!), I simply could not face another event. I felt a social weariness that I usually only feel in the last few days of a campaign; as a result, I was home by 11:30pm. Back into the fray tomorrow.

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