ff2014, Day 24

So: I’m having a lovely chat with the woman running the Face Your Selfie exhibition, and I notice it’s 9pm – time for my next show. Dash to the venue; I’m the only ticket sale, so regrettably they’re cancelling. Bugger. Out comes the phone; great, there’s a 9:15pm show on The Shortlist nearby. A quick dash, only to discover that it, too, is cancelled.

Last chance: another 9:15pm show, the return of Red Bastard. Having seen his show in 2010, I was wary of the small (and largely drunk, and largely non-English-as-a-first-language) crowd that assembled… I couldn’t see how the show could work as well with the small crowd.

And it didn’t. It worked better.

  1. Maybe you could crack my sternum
  2. Sam Simmons – Death Of A Sails-Man
  3. Red Bastard

You know that feeling when you’ve got something (emotional – let’s keep it clean and abstract, folks) buried deep inside and you need to spit it out, but the opportunity to do so never presents itself? Yep, I’ve got that right now. Fun.

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