ff2014, Day 27

That was a pretty fun birthday, I must say. After grabbing some k-pop presents for myself (another tradition I’m going to cultivate), I was opportunistically interviewed by Jane for The Guardian, met a Honey Pot attendee (and learnt a lot about that program as we shuffled between the three-shows-in-a-row that we saw together), and generally just chatted with a lot of lovely people.

And I saw some shows. That’s right, I remember now. Mind you, I could only tolerate a bit over an hour of the Crap Music Rave Party; the Royal Croquet Club was abominable. Dry and dusty, packed with young people (centres of their universes, one and all), and just plain unwelcoming to old fogies like myself.

  1. FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out
  2. Pants Down Circus – Rock
  3. A Simple Space
  4. Notoriously Yours
  5. Story
  6. Jack Druce – Adventure Peach
  7. Crap Music Rave Party

A Simple Space, on the other hand… amazing. No matter how many times I see the GOM guys and gals, they leave me weeping tears of delight and wonder. And today, I even got to be onstage during one of their tricks. Heaven.

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