[20000038] The Universe & All The Bits In It

The Universe & All The Bits In It

Iris Cinema

11:00pm, Thu 9 Mar 2000

Score: 3

Short Review: Undergraduate

Imagine you’re at Uni with one of those bearded Physics geeks who always thought that they were so wacky because they could seriously discuss the pros and cons of each of the Doctor Who villains. Got that image in your head? Welcome to the nightmare that was this show.

I could have sworn I was in a tutorial being led by such a person. I knew I was in trouble when the guy (no names… let’s just call him “The Tutor”) claimed that the world today should aspire to be like the world portrayed in Star Trek. Oh dear. And it went downhill, real quick, from there. Doctor Who, favourite dinosaurs, and the latest going-ons with NASA were discussed (and I do mean discussed – audience participation was almost begged) in a ramshackle “show” which had no real form or shape, and made me think that The Tutor was here as part of a bet with his post-grad buddies.

Well, I got a few (very few) laughs, and I’d rather go to this again than Bound Sonata, so it gets a skinny 3. However, if you’re a Trekkie or Doctor Who fan who feels that you need to vent your opinions upon the world, roll up to this show. You’ll be in like-minded company.

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