[2008054] Version 12.25

Version 12.25 (FringeTIX)

Urban Myth Theatre of Youth @ 41 Currie Street (Basement)

7:30pm, Mon 3 Mar 2008

Oof. What to say about this…


Well, it’s short. Only about half-an-hour. And, to be fair, this performance was plagued with technical difficulties; the lights and sound systems seemed to have a mind of their own. It’s an interesting venue (an old basement club on Currie Street) which could… nay, should be used a lot more. And the plot was actually quite neat, if simplistic (a girl loses her memory falling off a bike whilst playing with her GameBoy. Friends help her regain her memory. Done).


Direction? Wooden, blunt, single-threaded. Actors? Ummm… there’s a couple that have real potential.

And that’s about the best I can do, sorry.

In fact, the highlight of the performance was well after the cast had taken their bows and retired to the dressing room (aka corner-of-the-room). Their production wrap celebrations were glorious, full of post-performance adrenaline and joy. That, at least, brought a smile to my face.

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