ff2015, Day 1

So began this year’s assault on Adelaide’s Mad March.

I’ve had a really odd lead-up to Festival season this year; despite the fact that I finished writing about the previous year’s shows months ago, I was still terribly rushed. My planning spreadsheet (that forms the basis of The Schedule) was only completed in a mad panic last Sunday, and Other Things (very Good Things) have taken over significant chunks of my mind (and time).

But no matter! Rhino Room had a nearly-full lineup days prior to the “start” of the Fringe, so it’d be rude not to take advantage of it, right?

  1. Greg Fleet in Ad Lib-Oration
  2. Gordon Southern – Long Story Short
  3. Simon Keck: Eating Tiger Dicks

Of course, that meant that I saw three debut shows, with all their rough edges on display… the manner in which all three performers dealt with the suddenly-apparent flaws in their preparation was a joy to behold.

Great crowds in for a Tuesday night, though :)

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