ff2015, Day 13

Day thirteen: unlucky for some!

  1. Smashed
  2. The Bureau of Complaints
  3. Everything Is Under Control
  4. Aunty Donna
  5. Zoe Coombs Marr is DAVE
  6. Tripped

Not me, though. After a visit to the Double Shot! Coffee Fiesta at Unley, I had a cluster of quality shows: DAVE is an amazingly good piece of work, Smashed was fantastic (even within the stifling confines of the Panama Club sauna tent), and – once I realised what it actually was – Everything Is Under Control is another cracking contemporary clown piece (though totally different from the likes of Dr Brown & Trygve’s work).

Mind you, a late start at The Bureau of Complaints meant that I had to jog to make the subsequent show… but whatevs, it was only forty degrees today! ;)

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