ff2015, Day 27

Today brought forth the only shows that really leapt out and grabbed me at the Festival launch back in October: the two Cedar Lake performances. And boy, they did not disappoint. Mixed Rep was worthy of a standing ovation on the strength of the third piece alone.

  1. Orbo Novo
  2. DivaLicious: Opera Rocks!
  3. Law and Disorder
  4. Alice Fraser: Everyone’s A Winner
  5. Mixed Rep
  6. EUROWISION Adelaide 2015

Of course, Mixed Rep ran long (or, rather, had two intervals that weren’t mentioned), so that meant I missed my planned 10pm show. But it also meant that I got to have a drink with Helen and Tina at Blinc Bar, so that was nice :)

Also: it’s currently my birthday. Yay :)

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