ff2015, Day 33

I attended my last Festival event today, leaving me with a tidy dozen shows for the year – my least-attended Festival year since I started writing, but there were a few cracking shows in that dozen. Also finished my Blinc experience; I didn’t quite manage to see everything on offer (most notably the hour-plus loops in the Blinc Bar, and the Pinky Flat pieces left me really cold), but Ryoichi Kurokawa’s piece (projected onto Festival Theatre) was totally worth every second spent in the cold.

  1. Spring Alibi
  2. Trash Test Dummies
  3. The Cardinals
  4. I Liked You Better Online
  5. We may have to choose
  6. Dr. Professor Neal Portenza’s Catchy Show Title
  7. Shake

I returned to Dr. Professor Neal Portenza’s Catchy Show Title after the tense debacle my SO and I attended on Clipsal weekend; what a difference a great audience makes! So much fun.

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