[2008080] Asher Treleaven, Cellar Door

Asher Treleaven, Cellar Door (FringeTIX)

Asher Treleaven @ Bosco Theatre

6:30pm, Tue 11 Mar 2008

Having had Asher Treleaven emcee two previous shows (both last year and this), I knew pretty much what to expect from this show: and pretty much got exactly that. The choose-your-Top Gun-tune opening, the corny book readings, the quirky and appealing style.

The problem was that there was very little there I hadn’t seen before. It was too similar to previous showings. In fact, the only new material I can remember was the story of his bizarre eisteddfod consulting work – complete with a mirthsome (then tiresome) Space Invaders dance which went on way too long. Sadly, no blockhead activities eventuated though – a shame, as they might have spiced up the show somewhat.

And that’s about all there is to say. If you’ve seen Treleaven before, it’s a hard one to recommend – you’re unlikely to see anything new. But if you’re an Asher neophyte, go ahead – he’s a likable oddball who’ll easily win you over.

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