Welcome to 2009!

Oh dear.

As you might have noticed, it’s been quite some time since there was an update on this blog. And you also may have noticed a few cosmetic changes, too.

For starters, as I mentioned in my other blog, I had a major problem with my old hosting company. It seemed that they weren’t really serioius about… well, hosting. Losing all content, waiting for a week before the DNS issues are sorted, then being “resurrected” on a new server that doesn’t actually support most of the content you had there before? That’s shit, that is. I’m a nice chap, so I’ll not mention the company in question, but rest assured they’re not going to be getting any recommendations from me.

So – a new host (Ilisys – who have been nothing but utterly wonderful so far), and with it a new blog platform. I’d used MovableType for years (and, prior to that, custom homegrown PHP & Perl solutions), but I wanted to give WordPress a whirl… and, quite frankly, it’s lovely. So there’s a new look here, a better search system, and I’ll gradually crawl through and tidy up all the back-referenced links so that they work.

But now it’s January 2009, and the new Fringe guide has been released this very day (the 14th). Which is exciting, as always – but it makes me feel very-ultra-guilty because I’ve still got 8 shows to write up from 2008! For reference, these are…

  • Book of Longing
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
  • Seven Times Me
  • To Be Straight With You
  • Nick Sun – Burnout Show
  • Stephen K Amos
  • Dharma at Big Sur
  • I Only Came To Use The Phone

…plus a monstrous visual arts walking tour. Which I insisted on performing on the hottest day of the year, if I recall correctly.

Luckily, I’ve still got notes a-plenty to supplement my own memories, so I hope to churn them out before the next Fringe starts. On the 19th of February.


Best get to work then, hadn’t I?

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