[2009010] Last Bucket Of Water

Last Bucket Of Water [FringeTIX]

The Hounds @ Le Cascadeur

10:15pm, Sun 22 Feb 2009

Having seen The Hounds in Every Film Ever Made last year, I figured this play would be bold, brash, and an exercise in bombastic acting.

Bang. On. The. Money.

Rob, Tegan and Adam are guarding the titular Last Bucket Of Water On Earth, with nowt but a short projected video to explain why. Robby’s playing the straight man, committed to preserving every last precious drop, whilst simultaneously succumbing to his sci-fi-addled imagination and being attracted to the Bucket’s Tardis-like properties; Adam and Tegan are comic foils, relying on slapstick and hammy performances – and the odd french maid costume – to keep the chuckles rolling.

There’s a tiny bit more to it than their previous work – a skerrick of a plot, for example – but there’s no real depth… which just means that it’s all played for laughs. But the “last bucket of water” is no more a device for delivering The Hounds’ humour than their Every Film Ever Made mantra; and that leaves us with all that’s familiar with their work. Adam’s massive overacting, milking the audience for laughs. Tons of popular movie clichés. Star Wars and Doctor Who references galore. There’s no pretenses at a fourth wall (except when the joke explicitly requires it) – The Hounds are happy to work with the audience as they see fit, with many humorous asides directed straight to the smallish Sunday-night crowd.

Loud, juvenile, shallow – but sometimes that’s all that’s required. Check your brain at the door, sit back, and be buffeted by the fun… just don’t expect any lasting impressions or life-changing events.

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