[20000062] Symphony Under The Stars

Symphony Under The Stars

Elder Park

8:00pm, Sat 18 Mar 2000

Score: –

Short Review: Symphonic

We arrived at Elder Park late, just before the second half of the program commenced. There were people everywhere. Anyway, the second half started with “Slava!”, a neat piece, but something was not quite right… The second piece, Maurice Jarre’s “Building the Barn” (from the movie “Witness”) made the problem evident; the amplification system used to deliver the music to the masses seemed a bit bass heavy.

We moved from our original position (about 15 metres from the stage, to the left) and went behind the stage – and behind the speakers. Success!! The booming bass was gone, and we were able to enjoy “Finlandia” immensely. After the impressive opening to the classic “Sabre Dance”, it was time to leave… no rest for the wicked!!

(Incidentally, we were late because we stopped and had a look at the Light/House exhibition, a display of a dozen innovative house designs. This was, without putting too fine a point on it, brilliant – some of the designs presented were nothing short of astonishing. Congrats to all involved!!)

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