[2009027] The Sam Simmons Experience

The Sam Simmons Experience [FringeTIX]

Sam Simmons @ Le Cascadeur

8:45pm, Sun 1 Mar 2009

I had no idea that Sam Simmons was a local boy. I guess the coasters that are floating around with “I lost my virginity on a slide in Hallett Cove” should’ve given it away, but I’d not seen them before the show… which’d make it a bit hard for them to have passed on their pertinent information.

Sigh. Another day, another tangent.

I suspect great things when we enter to the strains of “Monkey Magic”, and am pleased when I manage to snaffle a prime spot in one of the dozen-or-so seats in Le Cascadeur with a back on it. I’m even more pleased to see a flip-chart onstage – because that pre-empted the utterly bizarre diagrams that Simmons scooted through. He’s also got a sound effects box that he used for aural puntuaction (and laughable contrast: jolly jingle + “your Dad has cancer” = guilty giggles). But the bulk of the show stems from his opera libretto based on his time as a Coles employee at the Marion Shopping Centre.

…errrmmmmm, yes.

There’s a few decent songs that come from this, a wonderful heartfelt ode to the KFC Girl who was the target of his youthful desires, some scarcely believable tales of teenage sexual tomfoolery, and the brilliant “sitting on things” bit.


I remember fondly the first time I saw Sam Simmons; his Tales from the Erotic Cat show was polished to a gleam, full of slick interactive multimedia, surreal content, and Simmons himself acting with complete and utter surety. So I was massively disappointed the second time I saw him, with a show chock-full of technical issues and undercooked material.

The Sam Simmons Experience is somewhere inbetween. Some of the hatstand leanings are back, but not all the confidence: he still stifles a smirk to himself occasionally, and often lapses into more conventional stand-up delivery – usually leading to a chuckle and a head-shaking “thirty-one years old.” And that’s not the Simmons I want to see; I want to the the refined Erotic Catster who had the crowd in the oddball of his kipper.

Still – great show ;)

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