[20020002] My Goodness My Guinness

My Goodness My Guinness

Lehmo @ The Stag

8:30pm, Wed 20 Feb 2002

Score: 6

Short Review: Up & Down

Lehmo’s a local comedian who’s done the rounds. After a few stints OS, he’s back in his old hometown with a couple of new shows.

His caricatures of Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) were frighteningly good – but I’m wondering how many stand-up comedy shows are going to mention Irwin? (Update: quite a few.)

Unfortunately, this show is quite schizophrenic. The opening third is brilliant – gut laughs a-plenty. However, when Lehmo starts reciting minutiae of his favorite World Records, things start going downhill in the laffs-per-minute meter. Honestly, the funniest part of the latter half of the show was a heckle Lehmo received from the audience. An intelligent heckle, too. Most amusing.

Last Fringe I managed to catch Lehmo opening for Harmon Leon. At the time, I remembered thinking that he had some good material, and might be worth catching. Well, the reality of that seems to be that he can, in fact, provide a great 20 minutes worth of material – problem is, the slot is an hour long. But those 20 minutes were glorious.

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