[2009038] Stevl Shefn’s little comidy spots

Stevl Shefn’s little comidy spots [FringeTIX]

Steve Sheehan @ SA Writer’s Centre

9:15pm, Wed 4 Mar 2009

I find it ironic that, as I sat waiting in my spare time just prior to this show, I tapped away on my laptop bemoaning Sam Simmons’ (comparative) lack of surreality… because this was the most competent display of surreal humour since my initial encounter with Simmons.

Stevl Shefn (Steve Sheehan’s alter ego for the evening) was joined onstage by black burqa-clad Fatima, who translated for the gibberish that Shefn dribbled. For all of about two seconds, I wondered whether Sheehan was actually speaking another language – there were some patterns there that sounded familiar, but essentially it was Shefn just emitting noises, Fatima telling all the jokes. Well, not so much jokes… more abstract nonsense that became more and more ridiculous as the show progressed.

It all starts relatively sedately – Shefn describing his multi-genitaled partner – before progressing through his aunt’s porn shop, cat-swinging (which drove the gorgeous redhead in front of me to tears of laughter), whale harpooning (or rather, tourism for whales), before ending – all too soon – discussing Shefn’s latest drug addiction. And let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like hearing a beautiful voice beneath a burqa get all lewd with her language – Fatima saying “rabies… that shit really fucks you up” will remain a highlight for years to come.

Steve Sheehan has made my shortlist for the last three Fringes, and every year I’ve somehow managed to not squeeze in his little half-hour comedy snips. I’ll not make that mistake again; this was an absolute classic.

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