[20020005] Strindberg (In Paris)

Strindberg (In Paris)

theater simple @ The Little Theatre

6:00pm, Fri 22 Feb 2002

Score: 10

Short Review: Extraordinary

As the latecomers drift into the (gorgeously intimate) Little Theatre, a Strindberg sits at a table painting his distinctive moustache, beard and accents. As he drifts off to write in the corner, another Strindberg appears, and does likewise. Once the third Strindberg has been prepared, the ensemble launch into the topsy-turvy ride of the intellectual re-invention of August Strindberg.

I always expect great things from theater simple founders, Andrew Litzky and Llysa Holland – and they don’t disappoint. Ring-in (or “artistic associate”) Charles Leggett, however, is simply superb. In another theater simple hallmark, the direction is also a star of the show – the three Strindbergs use the frugal props and tight set to its fullest.

I find that theater simple’s works are wonderfully dense pieces, where it is often far more enjoyable to just sit back and just absorb – understanding comes with a glorious realisation. And sometimes realisation never comes. But you know what? I don’t care. Maybe I get it; maybe I don’t. I’m certain I haven’t got the background in August Strindberg to join all the dots; all I know is that, at the end of this play, I had a cheshire-cat grin on my face. I felt uplifted, joyous. I felt that I have just sat through an extraordinary 75 minutes. And I know that theater simple have done it again.

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