[20020011] Cabaret


Aerialize @ The Lunar Tent

4:30pm, Sun 24 Feb 2002

Score: 6

Short Review: Acrobat for kids

After the sheer wonder of Acrobat comes another tumbling and acrobatic show, also in the Lunar Tent. This time (after yet another gorgeous Lure outside the Tent) the hijinks are a little more fanciful, a lot more family friendly (the nastiest things get is the word “piss” being utterred), a lot more colourful.

There is a caberet-ish premise for the proceedings, but appears to be largely ignored, save the wonderful costumes. There are a lot more members in the troupe – maybe a dozen, including a very young girl (7 years old, who sweetly got to do her own trapeze act) and a rather dull “concierge” (who acted as a storytelling mouthpiece). In true cabaret style, there was a bit of song, dance and tap to be had, along with a lot of aerial acrobatics – trapeze, free rope, and twin sheets providing great platforms for their performers.

So, while the visuals were certainly more colourful than Acrobat, and the acrobatics about on par, there didn’t seem to be as much variety as that previously raved show. And the end of the show – was that confused or WHAT??

In short, if you want some cheap acrobatics to take the kids to, this is probably a good choice. However, the adult audiences would be well advised to just go straight to the real thing, Acrobat.

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