[20020015] We Are…

We Are…

Hybrid deFLEX Productions @ Little Games Room

7:00pm, Mon 25 Feb 2002

Score: 8

Short Review: Industrial

Hybrid deFLEX, a Melbourne based production company, present this examination of the perception of normality in Australian society. They do this using a highly physical, wonderfully choreographed piece of dance.

Whilst the group aspect of the performance is great – choreography is exceptional, timing of the cast is fine – what sets this piece of work apart is the individualism granted to each performer. According to the program, each performer was given the liberty to present their own interpretation of the matter at had… and this works well. The cacophony of voices when each utters a different common expression is great, and the group use the space around (and in) the audience well.

The soundtrack is awesome – one gorgeously textured industrial soundscape. All dancers were great – the opening 5 minutes, with its odd rhythms, is exceptional – but performing director Parris Sloan was exceptional; his focus was absolute, and at times he could be mistaken for a fixated devil, such was the strength of his stare. Andy Snelling was also a standout, but this takes nothing away from the rest of the cast – this was a cracker of a bit of dance.

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