[2009067] Adam Page Solo

Adam Page Solo

Adam Page @ Wheatsheaf Hotel (Tin Shed)

9:30pm, Thu 12 Mar 2009

This was the second of three times I’ve seen Adam Page now (the first being at The Promethean in 2008), and I’ve realised that they all pretty much turn out the same: he does a couple of multi-instrument (bass, guitar, sax, keys) looped tracks, he conjures a song out of a couple of audience members (again, through the power of sampling & looping), and he whittles something musical out of a vegetable.

So it was this night, too.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Page is incredibly entertaining, and a lovely affable bloke, but anyone expecting something new would have been disappointed. Except for the cow suit, that was new (and probably not to be repeated). But even the african thumb piano made a repeat appearance tonight, and a plethora of vegetably instruments (followed by the “fruit punching” incident) didn’t really separate this show from any other Adam Page gig.

By all means, go see Adam Page’s solo show. Go twice! But, on the basis of my experience, don’t expect to be as wowed on repeat visits.

2 thoughts on “[2009067] Adam Page Solo”

  1. but the african thumb piano is a lovely instrument

    and one needs some means of ‘structure’ to an entirely improvised show

  2. Oh, certainly – I don’t want to appear as if I’m saying otherwise. It’s still a great show – just a great show I’ve seen a few times, now. Whilst it still has all the fun and beauty, it lacks the impact.

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