[2009075] Kiss Me Quick… I’m Full of Jubes

Kiss Me Quick… I’m Full of Jubes

Hannah Gadsby @ Rhino Room Downstairs

6:30pm, Sat 14 Mar 2009

I sat at the back of the dingy little space downstairs at the Rhino Room, feet up and beer in hand, slothfully comfortable… the Fringe was taking its toll. I was well tired, knew I had a bunch of venue-dashing to do in the next couple of days, and the hydra that ff2009 was becoming (with the triple heads of work, play, and blogging) was really starting to wear me down.

Now, I’ve seen Hannah Gadsby a couple of times before (1, 2), and I love her style – dry and wry, with little variation in presentational tone, and with a distinctly different outlook. And so, when she stood awkward and uncomfortable on the teensy stage and told some tales that were familiar (life in small-town Tasmania, and her experience coming out to her mother), there was a certain comfort to be had. Her new material was decent as well, but in the end I just eased back and let the laughter gently lull me.

Is it wrong that the most memorable thing about a stand-up comedy show was that it was very relaxing? Maybe – but let’s put it this way: I’ll be seeing Hannah Gadsby again. I think she’s great.

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