[2009084] Cellblock Booty

Cellblock Booty

Sisters Grimm @ The Ringbox

10:30pm, Mon 16 Mar 2009

After 2008’s Mommie & The Minister, I figured that the Sisters Grimm couldn’t fail with a schlocky premise of “sleazy jailhouse sexploitation RIOT!” And, with their own flyers quoting a review that called them “intentionally shithouse”, it was pretty easy for me to wander into The Ringbox expecting plenty of cheesy fun.

And that’s exactly what I got. Kind of.

In addition to being a pastiche of Prisoner and breakout movies, Cellblock Booty clearly takes inspiration from the blaxploitation movies of the seventies, as evidenced by Butterfly’s speech and posing manner. But there’s a ton of other oddball characters, too – the junkie, the Matron (with her impossibly long legs), and the Nun (lovely breasts ahoy!) Officer Onlyman’s strip dance was worthy of a good chortle, and the go-go dancing (complete with sixties-ish light show) between scenes was a great move.

But somehow Cellblock Booty just didn’t resonate with me in the same way that the Sisters Grimm’s previous work did. And that’s a bit of a shame, really, because I really want small companies like that to succeed. While the expected laughs were present, this production just felt a undercooked and unrefined.

I guess it wasn’t all intentionally bad.

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