[20020033] American Dreamchasing with Spirit-Drive! NOT Ego-Jive…

American Dreamchasing with Spirit-Drive! NOT Ego-Jive…

Mark “ZonaCat” Hansen @ Iris Cinema

8:00pm, Sat 2 Mar 2002

Score: 7

Short Review: Motor-mouthed

I’ve no idea why this one got picked out of the Guide. In fact, when I was reading the Guide just prior to going to the show, I caught mention of the performer’s web site. Go there, it’s pretty… odd. So all of a sudden I was worried: “shit, I’ve just paid $14 for an American self-help seminar… he’ll prolly try to sell me stuff at the end of the show too…”.

These fears were not allayed when we arrived at the Iris cinema, and the barguy said “Mark wants you to read this pamphlet before he starts. Oh, and he wants you to have a beer. On the house.”

Oh dear. I was worried now. Curiously, the pamphlet didn’t contain any pyramid schemes… and then in bounds Mark Hansen. And he launches into his monologue.

80 minutes later, he’s still speaking 200 words a minute. No selling, just a bunch of positivity and wacky stories about himself. Pretty entertaining stuff really, if you can handle an over-stimulated American monologue (who uses the word “lugubrious” in conversation – Dali link).

Seriously. Read some of the stuff on his website (www.zonacat.com) – it’s great. As for paying money to see him? Well, it’s an experience, I’ll say that much. And he shouts you a beer – Southwark White, not too shabby.

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