ff2010, Day 2

So – my first big-ish day, with a lazy five shows at The Garden. The 2010 rendition of The Garden has sprawled further into the Parklands than even the 2009 version, resulting in lots more open space. And bars… there seems to be heaps more bars this year, which kinda shows the inclination of The Garden’s management. And, of course, it pays off big-time for them, if the seething drunken queue just to get into The Garden at midnight was any indication.

Wandering through at 5pm, however, revealed a plethora of people lounging on deck-chairs in the shade, beer nestled nearby; there’s a very hungover sort of vibe that’s only disjointed by the raucous tunes emanating from the ferris wheel and dodgems… and the screams of children interested in both. The Spiegeltent has, of course, been claimed by the Festival this year, so all the Fringe shows listed as being at that are being held at Salon Perdu, right at the back of the garden… but, vexingly, right next to Rundle Road.

  1. A Curious Day
  2. War Notes
  3. Often I Find That I Am Naked
  4. Sam Simmons – Fail
  5. Tall Stories

In the five-hour gap between the first and second I popped into Cibo to write some posts & leech some WiFi. Jostling for a power socket, I wound up sitting next to a chap playing an online poker tournament on his laptop. After he talked at me for about an hour, he got up to leave: “I’ve got to go to work.” “Oh,” I said, thankful for the upcoming silence and hopefully tying a bow on the conversation, “what do you do?”

As he packed away his shiny new laptop into a lovely new laptop bag, he said “I sell ‘The Big Issue’.”

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