ff2010, Day 3

The Garden is already a dustbowl of bark chips and greying grass. There’s still a fair few people around, though the crowds thin noticeably once the free concert thingy finishes around 7pm. I guess that’s the price most people are willing to pay.

Tonight they got bloody good value, too – amongst other acts, Sam Wills (who, somewhat ironically, can vocally coerce the crowd amazingly well) had them in stitches, and then his beautiful bride Lili La Scala let loose with some gorgeous operatics.

Another Garden note: I reckon that freaky blonde bloke with the scary eyes – Hans Zimmerman, maybe? – must be super-pissed with the new Garden layout. He’s getting no foot traffic.

  1. Pigs In Wigs
  2. Skitch Tease
  3. Circus Trick Tease
  4. Zeitgeist

Into double figures! Baby steps, baby steps.

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