[2010009] Circus Trick Tease

Circus Trick Tease [FringeTIX]

Circus Trick Tease @ The Ringbox

8:40pm, Sun 14 Feb 2010

Cheap cop-out time: this show is pretty much the same as last year’s Circus Trick Tease.

And that’s just completely brilliant.

Even with full knowledge of what was to come, I loved every minute of this performance; Tinkle’s spotlight-stealing petulance, Ghazanfar’s deadpan clown-foolery during the shadow-sex show, Plonk’s sensitive new-age strongman routine. In fact, during his “pick-up” routine (where he lifts four women plucked from the audience at once), he selected a girl sitting next to me again.

That’s two years in a row. Uncanny.

In fact, just about the only noticeable difference from last year’s show was the fact that Tinkle didn’t throw surplus-to-requirement condoms at the departing audience. Oh, and there were about twice as many people as last year.

And that second bit makes me very, very happy for them. Bravo, Circus Trick Tease :)

2 thoughts on “[2010009] Circus Trick Tease”

  1. Thank you thank you for your review…. it’s sooooo wonderful being back at our favorite festival.

    We are having twice as much fun this year…this is why i didn’t have enough condoms to throw at you, sorry!

    We will come back next year with a different show, promise.

    Thank you Adelaide, you really are the Arts capital of Australia.

    xxx Miss Tinkle and the Tricksters.

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