[20020047] Samsara


@ Golden Grove Recreation and Arts Centre

7:30pm, Wed 6 Mar 2002

Score: 7

Short Review: No more Vangelis!

Some people love Vangelis. Not I. Which means I’m facing a bit of an uphill battle here, since the whole of “Samsara” has a Vangelis soundtrack.

Not to worry – the performance was great. The wonderfully staccato opening, “Pedestrians” sets the scene for some neato bits of dance, which peaks in the fourth piece, “Killing Fields”, which approached the wonderfully organic beauty of 2000’s Drumming. The final piece, “Sunrise” would have to be the bravest piece of dance I’ve ever seen – there’s a naked 8 month old held high above the entire cast… I mean, anything could happen!

In general, it’s a very individualistic bit of contemporary dance that would’ve got an extra notch or two on the moobaa-ometer, if only it wasn’t for Vangelis… but if you can tolerate the V, go forth and catch this show.

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