ff2010, Day 20

And so we limp into the seventies – and there goes the Festival’s flagship. And what a stylish vessel it is, too.

  1. True West
  2. Le Grand Macabre
  3. Le Garçon Néurotique

The twisty turny convolutions I mentioned last night have been resolved… mostly. Sure, it’s not the best outcome I could have hoped for, but one I can still find some joy in. At least, that’s what the rational mind is telling me ;)

It’s all good, though! Picked up the penultimate batch of thirteen tickets from FringeTIX today, had a natter about the pros and cons of Zeitgeist, and successfully managed to be the most slobbishly-dressed person in the Festival Theatre this evening. Which I kinda revel in, actually; especially when there’s a surtitle that says “Thanks to all our sponsors and Angels.”

Bless :)

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