[20020069] Scared Weird Little Guys

Scared Weird Little Guys

SWLG @ Royalty Theatre

9:30pm, Thu 14 Mar 2002

Score: 9

Short Review: Brilliant

The Scaredies came out in front of a near-full house and leapt into “If I Were…” – made wonderfully topical by the inclusion of many Wayne Carey gags. They then whipped through over an hour of material, ranging from the smile-worthy to the bust-a-gut level.

A lot of the material will be familiar to Scaredies regulars – even I, who have been witness to their talents only once before, recognised the South Australia song and “Beer Stein of Bourbon”. And the “‘Kiss’ in the style of…” bit was still in there… tonight, Prince’s “Kiss” was done most successfully as techno, rap and jazz – although the indian attempt should also rank a mention.

That’s not to say there wasn’t new material – the “Guitar Student Ensemble” was hilarious, “Premature Ejaculation” short and sweet, and the “Whistle-Pop Orchestra” (though ear wrenching at times) was brilliant. The “Genetic Clone” experiment, whilst initially sounding like a dud, is worth the wait to hear the Scaredies form a barbershop quartet with themselves(!).

Things only got a little out of hand (read – silly to the point of ridiculous) when the cowboy hat made an appearance on Rusty’s head, and the boys slipped into country mode – but other than that, this show was quality laughs. Plonk down your cash with confidence.

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