ff2010, Day 28

You know what? Today was the day when – for the first time in 2010 – I first thought “I’m pretty much over this”. Thankfully, it’s the last of my Big Days. Plain sailing from here on in.

  1. 52 Pick Up
  2. On Ego
  3. Austen Found – The Undiscovered Musicals
  4. Good Morning Mister Gershwin
  5. Bird in the Gilded Cage
  6. Carl-Einar Häckner is Big In Sweden

Tonight is (or rather, was) the night when nominations for the Fringe Awards were to be debated. I spotted two Judges scooting between city visual art venues this afternoon, quickly ascertaining their worth. A pity that half the visual art displays I went to today had already been removed.

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