[20040008] Late Night Tonight Live with Lehmo & J

Late Night Tonight Live with Lehmo & J

Lehmo & Justin Hamilton @ Rhino Room

11:00pm, Fri 20 Feb 2004

Score: 6

Short Review: Hey, it’s a talk show…

Not much to say about this one, really – Lehmo & Justin Hamilton present a typical “Tonight Live”-style program, with a little stand-up, crowd banter, and special guests thrown in. Pretty similar to Eric & Derek’s Hot Nuts & Popcorn show of ff2000, really.

There were some quality guests this evening, too: Kenny Kramer appeared for a bit of a chat (and quite witty he was, too); Amanda Blair appeared an provided a few laughs; and “Ron the Armenian comedian” appeared for a quick 5-minute bit at the end of the show.

Lehmo & Hamilton have a good stage relationship going, but the show has it’s teething problems – the “pizza race” was almost stillborn, and the half-time score was a great Year 9 drama piece. Still, what was there was fun enough, but as always with a guest-oriented show, YMMV.

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