[2010061] Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl

Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl

Zack Adams @ The Tuxedo Cat – Studio

8:45pm, Sun 28 Feb 2010

It was always going to be a bit touch-and-go as to whether I got to see Zack Adams this Fringe; not only was he in Fringe Prime-Time, but he’d had to cancel a lot of performances due to sickness. But he recovered sufficiently to front up for the last couple of shows in his run, with this being his last before his return to Perth.

Zack is a maudlin scruffster – and his insecurities and nervousness make him instantly endearing. His songs, a collection of jangly chords and jokey verses, are uniformly excellent – Movin’ On (the “kinda looks like you” song) is absolutely brilliant, as was the meta-comedy of No Refunds. Sure, there were some familiar tunes from previous encounters, but his new tales – breaking couples up with his dedications, his quest for a new guitar, and a little Breakfast Club excursion – filled out the show wonderfully.

I enjoyed Zack Adams’ quirky musicomedy last year, and this year (illness notwithstanding) I saw nothing to dissuade me from throwing further money Zack’s way. His CD manages to capture his humour perfectly, too – so at least give that a bash.

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