[20040009] The International Clowning Hour

The International Clowning Hour

Strut & Fret @ The Umbrella Revolution

10:00am, Sat 21 Feb 2004

Score: 7

Short Review: Charming & surprising

An early, drizzly Saturday morning brought a relatively small audience to The Umbrella Revolution to witness another collection of Strut & Fret’s performers.

After a relatively inauspicious start, this act had some true gems of entertainment within: Captain Frodo performed his rubbery contortions spectacularly well, Birdman performed a surreally unstructured act utilising plastic bags (!), and The Bellboy provided some great juggling (and fantastic facial expressions upon recovery).

Sue Broadway (of ff2002’s Soobee & Jeffree) also performed a wonderfully ramshackle Australian Tea Party, which actually worked because of its imprecise nature. And German(?) clown, Cornelius, provided a fabulous exhibition.

In short – this was a great show, and very family friendly. Recommended.

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