[2010068] Rhino Room’s Late Show

Rhino Room’s Late Show

Lots of people @ Rhino Room – Upstairs

11:00pm, Tue 2 Mar 2010

Walking home from The Life and Death of King John, pushing through the bogan hordes streaming into the city from the AC/DC show that evening, I sent a text message to… a friend. “You still out and about?” I queried; “Just about to take myself to the Rhino Room Late Show,” came the reply. So, with scant regard for their inclinations, I invited myself along.

And, when I arrived at the Rhino Room and checked the posted lineup on the door, I suffered mixed feelings; Justin Hamilton was listed as headliner. Mind you, Hannah Gadsby and Greg Fleet were on there too, as well as Steve Hughes, so it wasn’t a complete loss. So – I paid my money, grabbed a drink, took a seat. Chatted with Steve Sheehan and Ro Campbell, and saw some comedy.

The weird thing about this evening is that I didn’t even realise (until much, much later) that this was even a Fringe event; I just thought it was a usual Rhino Room deal. So my attention was well down on what it usually is – I didn’t make my usual mental notes on performances (or even performers) – and I only made notes about this show weeks after the fact. So I’ve no doubt that I’ll forget some of the comedians….

But I do remember Fabien Clark’s bit (not bad, but not sure I’d see a solo show), Hannah Gadsby (fantastically dry and loveable, as always), Greg Fleet (who was off his face and bloody funny), Jason Pestall (hmmmmm), and maybe Adam Keily (I can’t quite remember whether he was there or not). But the big win for the night (besides the fact that Hammo wasn’t on) was Steve Hughes; he was on The List, but hadn’t been scheduled, but on the basis of his spot tonight he was slotted in real quick. Hughes was bloody fantastic, and well worth the price of admission.

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