[20040043] Kaze no Requiem

Kaze no Requiem

La Mosaique @ Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre

5:30pm, Sun 29 Feb 2004

Score: 3

Short Review: Shakti-fied

Upon arrival at the Nexus to see Kaze no Bon (kaze means “wind,” while Bon is the Buddhist All Souls’ Day), I was handed a flyer that explained that one of the two members of La Mosaique had died late last year, and that the piece to be performed during the Fringe would instead be “Kaze no Requiem”, in her honour. Fair enough, and a touching tribute.

A word of explanation: after ff2002, I vowed to support the artists that Shakti (via The Garage International) brings to the Fringe (such as Tokyo Triangle), but necessarily not Shakti herself. So, after a decent first act (in which Tamae Sawa wore traditional Japanese robes, and appeared to pray reverentially at the fan of her departed friend), I was a tad apprehensive when Shakti appeared… for the rest of the show.

Let it not be said that Shakti lacks her own style, however – stomping all over the stage, inexplicable gestures and pointing, wiggling eyebrows in a manner that is disconcerting and probably only holds meaning to her. However, let’s not mince words here, I hate her dancing.

It’s a real shame she appeared in this dance. Shakti is a genuinely nice and articulate person to talk to. It’s just that she absolutely ruined this potentially touching piece for me.

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