[20040046] Crazed


Vitalstatistix @ Eclipse

9:00pm, Sun 29 Feb 2004

Score: 4

Short Review: Couldn’t see what the fuss is about…

“A reinvention of the horror/slasher film genre from the perspective of the female victim hero.” A bizarre intro. Plenty of projected video. Lots of screams. Plenty of tacky effects. A pumping soundtrack. What more could you want?

Lots, actually. Whilst there was a bit of enjoyment to be had from the “sewing” scenes – especially the Alien pisstake – most of the rest of this piece left me cold. Even the presence of Angelo Badalamenti’s tunes (and plenty of them were used) couldn’t save this, in my eyes. Or ears.

And yet the rest of the audience loved it. Ah well, I’ll just be content to stick with the minority on this one.

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