[2011020] Gluttony

Gluttony Showcase

The cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Adam Vincent, Gravity Boots(?), Ian D Montfort, Guy Pratt, Noir Revue, Ivan Brackenbury, Dead Cat Bounce @ Gluttony (Excess Theatre)

8:00pm, Wed 16 Feb 2011

Gluttony is a new collection of venues, perched in that little park on East Terrace between Grenfell and Pirie, that sprung up earlier in the week. From the outside, it’s an ugly assembly of security fencing and portable cabins; inside, however, lies three performance spaces, some leafy areas in which to lounge, a decent bar, a Chipotle food stall, and a pig and luggage motif.

And no allegiance to Strut & Fret, if that sort of thing is important to you.

An old, very-dear friend-of-the-family has connections and we’re in for a little drinky celebrating the first night of Gluttonous activity. There’s a lot of people kicking around, and a real positive opening-night vibe. Tom Binns has a sit and chat with us for a minute or two; I raved about how wonderful his Ivan Brackenbury show was last year, and his response was a smile laced with sadness – “oh, you were the one who saw it!”.

Finally, around 8:00, the doors (well… tent-flaps) of Gluttony’s largest venue, the Excess, opened for the crowd of probably two hundred. Consisting of a long lineup of Gluttony’s performers, this one-off showcase was certainly an action-packed affair, and kicked off with improv theatre by the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, who were lumbered with the task of ad libbing a piece about Uzbekistan, carrots, and drinking. The result was fantastic, and really fired the crowd up. They were then followed by Adam Vincent, who struggled to maintain their momentum… it took most of his short set to win the audience over, but he got there in the end. Unfortunately, a lot of his material felt familiar to me – and I’ve only seen him a couple of times before (in 2006 and 2009), and whilst the promise of dark material thrills, I’m a bit reluctant to commit.

An couple of characters (who I think were called Gravity Boots) then performed a surreal piece of theatre, each posing as a building: a neighbouring library and internet cafe. I’m buggered if I can find out who they were, or what show they are associated with, because their dry humour and quirky presentation definitely warranted another look. And then out came one of Tom Binns’ alter egos, Ian D Montfort: Spirit Medium, who failed to have the same joyous initial impact of Ivan Brackenbury; however, hints of his more evil character shone through and enticed.

Ex-Pink Floyd and Icehouse bassist Guy Pratt (my associate Barbara’s object of swoonery) came out and told a few tales of smashing up instruments and Bryan Ferry tour tales. These didn’t exactly fire the audience up in this larger venue, but I imagine they might go down a treat in a more intimate space; Noir Revue had no such problems, though, and managed to titillate and delight with some smokey singing, dancing, balance tricks and burlesque breasts.

A stumbling introduction brings Ivan Brackenbury to the stage, and I was delighted to see that he had the audience in uproarious laughter (if not tears) within minutes. Finally came Dead Cat Bounce, who made the Shortlist last year but were neglected – a mistake I won’t make again. These guys were fantastic, with rock-star sensibilities and comedy-laden songs; they’re definitely making the cut this year.

Blimey – that was a fair collection of acts! Eight mini-performances in a touch over ninety minutes made for a solid evening of entertainment… and the opportunity to do some Shortlist tweaking. Great stuff.

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  1. I’m sorry to have missed this gig – I really like what they’ve done with the space and am looking forward to seeing some shows and/or having a drink or three here!

  2. Hi Melanie! It certainly is a nice little space – though I’m not really sure tonight would be the best night to wander by. It’s bloody wet & windy out there right now :}

  3. Hi Pete

    I think I have already posted on your site, but cannot find where so will do it again.
    Gravity Boots are James Lloyd-Smith and Michael Cleggett. Doing Honours at Flinders Uni. They were picked up for the Fringe after being seen at a uni show. Their hour show of sketches and songs is very unique, hilarious with very clever writing.
    They are on Saturday, February 26 and March 5th and 12th · 4:30pm – 5:30pm

    Location Carry on theatre, Gluttony, corner of East terrace and Grenfell

    Go along Pete- I guarantee you will enjoy every minute


  4. Hello my name is Michael Cleggett from Gravity Boots,
    me and the other half of GRavity Boots, James Lloyd-Smith have a show on at the Carry On theatre in Gluttony Saturdays 26th-12th at 4.30, tickets available at the door, if your interested

  5. Hi Michael (and Leonie, and James :)

    Thanks for the comments and show details – I’ll certainly keep it in mind when scrounging the Schedule together. Best of luck with the show!

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