[20040050] Canned Hamlet

Canned Hamlet

Sound & Fury @ Little Theatre

10:20pm, Mon 1 Mar 2004

Score: 5

Short Review: A ridiculous mess

Three men do a necessarily abridged version of Hamlet within about 40 minutes.

That’s about all there is to it, really.

Yes, this is another one of LA-based Sound & Fury’s Fakespearean plays, which works hard to get the juvenile and slapstick laughs running thick and fast. There’s a fair few amusing bits, and the trio worked well together, but I always felt one step removed from the action – a kind of overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t in on the joke.

Which is a shame, really. Sound & Fury are obviously talented – the timing between them is immaculate – but I just wish that power could be used for good, instead of evil.

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