ff2011, Day 9

You know, thirty-six hours ago I was up-to-date with my blogging. Now? Eleven shows behind. Behold the slippery slope… seven shows in a day!

  1. You’re Not Like Other Girls Chrissy
  2. Ali McGregor – Something Old, Something New
  3. Pitch
  4. Dust
  5. Fin
  6. The Neo
  7. Macbeth

In lieu of actually writing my blog post about it, if you’ve got even the vaguest interest in Shakespeare, you owe it to yourself to catch the last session of Macbeth tomorrow evening… or rather, later today. It contains what may be one of the greatest moments of this Fringe – a completely mesmerising, hold-your-breath performance. Fantastic stuff.

Oh – and the burritos in Gluttony from Chipotle (not the Chipotle) are pretty special, too.

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