ff2011, Day 12

See – this is where things start to go a bit awry. Getting home at 2:15am, with an 11am show pending, followed by the regular Team Lunch and more shows? When’s the writing going to get done?

  1. Womb Division
  2. Rocket Boy
  3. Awesomely Awkward
  4. Ha Ha Comedy Late Show

Blimey – the Ha Ha Comedy Late Show is yet another one of those wish-I-could-be-there-every-day type of shows. Even though I picked up a $10 ticket from FringeTIX, it appears to be a free show… for two hours of comedy. I mean, I got to see Dr Brown slap a latecomer and attempt to sit on his face. Sure, it was potentially borderline assault, but it’s not something you see every day. Must be Fringe time!

One thought on “ff2011, Day 12”

  1. This comment has nothing to do with the above post!!! I just don’t have an email address for you!
    We are doing an Earthquake Relief Show on Sunday at the Umbrella Revolution, 9.45pm.

    Quake Rattle & Roll – The best line-up of any show this Fringe all held together by MC Peter Helliar

    We’d love you to come. (Maybe blog it here if you have time)

    Lili & Sam

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