The (belated) Beginning…

So – the Fringe has been going for over a week now. The Festival officially opened last night. I’ve already seen 30+ shows. So it’s about time I got the review action happening, hmmmm? This year State Bank have their TalkFringe site set up, and I’ll try submitting some of these reviews there; however, given that their T&C states:

You can expect that swear words, obvious slander, offensive postings and repeated entries will definitely be moderated, and the posting and rating may be rejected, modified or deleted.

…you can imagine how some of my more assertive reviews would go down ;)

I’ve shifted hosting companies & blog engines (amongst other things) and, more importantly, re-enabled (moderated) comments – so please let me know if there’s anything amiss. Hopefully I can get this thing running sweet-as-a-nut by 2008.


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