ff2012, Day 9

Thankfully, the calf wasn’t cripplingly bad when I woke up this morning – and it’s loosened considerably during the day. I even managed to walk (with only mild discomfort) between ACArts and the cesspool that was the East End this evening.

  1. Festival Fishbowl
  2. Gobbledygook
  3. Price Of Admission
  4. The Disappearances Project
  5. The Tim McMillan Band – Axework for Space Goblins
  6. The Snowdroppers

Some poor decisions were made late this evening; needless to say I’ll be trying to squeeze in another Tim McMillan show this weekend.

And, just as an extra bonus, here’s the great Daniel Townes revealing Shit Comedians Say (to other Comedians); thanks for the link, Sam :)

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