ff2012, Day 10

Woooooh! Day 10. What’d the temperature get up to… four times that? Christ it was hot.

  1. Wee Andy
  2. Rough Trade
  3. Clown Lights Stage
  4. Tom Ballard – Doing Stuff
  5. Live on Air with Poet Laureate Telia Nevile
  6. Dr Brown Befrdfgth
  7. The Tim McMillan Band – Axework for Space Goblins (second time around)

The Tim McMillan Band is still bloody brilliant. Dr Brown is still bloody brilliant. Telia Nevile is still bloody brilliant. And I am a happy little freak :)

2 thoughts on “ff2012, Day 10”

  1. Hi Alice (and Alice)! Thank you for a great performance – and for showing me how all the mess originated! More words are coming… :)

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