ff2012, Day 13

Oh, hello Fringe Club. You’re all bigger and nicer and stuff. Though the cocktails aren’t immediately obvious… I may have to pop in again tomorrow to verify whether cocktails are, indeed, available.

  1. No Such Thing As Normal
  2. The Picture Box Orchestra
  3. Shadows of Angels
  4. Guilt Ridden Sociopath

Did a spot of socialising today. Chatted to a RIU reviewer – they get 150 words to play with. Attempted to chat with a reviewer from Australian Stage Online – he’d seen all of three shows, and was not an outgoing chap at all. Had a good yarn with the tech from No Such Thing As Normal, with Jenny and Bryan, the PonyDance crew, told Telia how much I adored her work, and chatted with Alice for (probably) far too long.

And whilst the Fringe Club may have Saporro, they still need those cocktails. Will investigate further, yes.

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