ff2012, Day 15

Only three (new) shows today… Helpful Tip For Performers: it’s a lot easier to get people in to watch your performances if you don’t cancel them.

  1. A Property of the Clan
  2. Nostalgia for reality
  3. Raoul
  4. The Fastest Train To Anywhere

Thought I’d try to get home at a reasonable hour, since I’ve got a long day tomorrow. At 2am, one more drink was suggested at the Fringe Club. That lead to heated debate over the merits of Raoul which spilled into Rundle Street, interrupted only when Martin Dockery plunged into the battle. So now it’s 4:20am, the fucking Clipsal practise laps start in about 4 hours, and I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that, retrospectively, this will be the day when it all started going terribly wrong.

In a good way :)

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