ff2012, Day 24

What a crazy day, made slightly less crazy due to a cancellation and a quick taxi ride.

  1. Two Points of Reality
  2. Outland
  3. Butterscotch
  4. Squidboy
  5. Angels’ Eyes
  6. Hard To Be A God

So… Hard To Be A God, then. One word: contentious. I’ve not seen a Festival performance that has incurred such… displeasure from an audience. Usually, you’d use the word “divisive” for something like that, but that would create the idea that the crowd was split between standing-ovation and sitting-on-hands… and there was no standing-O this evening, just polite applause. There were front-row walk-outs, no-claps, and an abundance of (usually cherished) programmes scattering the floor upon exit, though.

And I’m still trying to sort it out in my own head. I almost accosted a cluster of total strangers in the tram on the way home to ask what they thought of it, wondering whether it would be better talked about in public than privately mused upon… but I chickened out. I kinda regret that, now.

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