[20060037] Deep Fried Love

Deep Fried Love

Amy Bodossian @ Lizard Lounge

11:59pm, Fri 3 Mar 2006

Score: 5

Accompanied by a solitary guitarist, Amy Bodossian presents us with a (mostly) one-woman cabaret show comprising song, poetry, and theatrical exploits. For the most part it’s entertaining, without reaching the heady heights of excellence.

Being easy on the eyes and ears, Miss Bodossian covers a lot of bases – her singing is ace, her voice ranging from smokey and sultry through to shrill, as the occasion warrants. Her songwriting, likewise – the “Pussy Cat” song being a show highlight. Her poetry, though, can only be described as “obvious” – it seems simple, always going for the easiest rhyme; the next line nearly always writes itself in your own mind before she has uttered a word.

The rest of the production – an introspective look at Amy’s search for love – is adequate, but not ground-breaking. In all, this was an inoffensive way to spend a late Friday night; unfortunately, the assembled crowd were some of the biggest fuckknuckles I’ve ever shared a venue with. Here’s a tip: if you want to chat with someone, don’t go to a fucking show. Believe it or not, there are likely to be paying patrons who don’t give a flying fuck about your minutiae, and actually get pissed off when you start yelling to give your voice prominence above the performer.


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