[20060044] ElbowSkin: Comedy Gondola

ElbowSkin: Comedy Gondola

ElbowSkin @ The Pillar Room (Freemasons)

9:30pm, Sun 5 Mar 2006

Score: 7

After first catching Dave and Ernie in FF2004, I thought ElbowSkin worthy enough to warrant another shot in FF2006. And whilst this show doesn’t scale any huge comedic heights, there’s still a fair bit of fun to be had.

Again, ElbowSkin’s pre-recorded material is ace: their recurring camera phone jokes, the Schapelle Corby shadow-puppet snippets, and the music video they played live music for. In fact, their songs were pretty good, too… “I’ve Got The World (‘s Thinnest Penis)” and “Seven Year Old Pants” (not quite what you were expecting, there) are up there with Tripod’s tomfoolery.

Add in the “Things You Learn When You’ve Got Your Period” bit, and the creation of a bored video, and it’s an hour well spent. Despite the completely crap premise for the name of the show (even though that makes for great video, too).

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