[20060059] Michele A’Court – 40 Odd Years

Michele A’Court – 40 Odd Years

Michele A’Court @ The Chandelier Room (Freemasons)

9:45pm, Fri 10 Mar 2006

After a great pre-recorded introduction – in stereo! – Michele A’Court takes to the stage. There’s all of 11 people in the audience, and the Kiwi thing to do (yes, she’s another New Zealander in the Kiwi… uh, Chandelier Room) seems to be audience introductions. So – once, twice around the room, and we all know each other’s names. Fabulous.

And so to her act… and it’s pretty basic chick-humour – the difference between men & women, childbirth, the usual suspects. She also delves into the other hot comedic topic this Fringe, muslims. And she’s got some creative things to say there – such as the liberation she’d feel if she could wear a muslim headdress.

But that’s about it. A few giggles to be had on the way, but hardly memorable comedy.

And the name of the show – “40 Odd Years”. She’s 45. Truth in comedy, and all that.

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