[20060067] Rod Quantock’s Australia!

Rod Quantock’s Australia!

Rod Quantock @ Nova 1

6:00pm, Sun 12 Mar 2006

A surreal start to the evening – the ticket guy at the door we rushed towards (we were running late) asked “You seein’ Rod Cointreau?” Ironic, really, given one of Rod’s new requirements for immigrants be that they can speak properly.

This was a tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek performance by Quantock; our favourite lefty comedian has decided it’s time to get the point across by mocking the “majority”, rather than taking the softly-softly approach. And this he does by taking things to their logical extremes; Muslims, the media, and the Bradman sycophants (in other words – The Usual Suspects) come in for some Quantock lovin’. Or rather, not.

I’ve seen Quantock every Fringe since 1998, and whilst nothing will eclipse the wonderful (drunken) memory of my first encounter with the man, this show marks a return to the Quantock of old after a few lean outings. Cheers, Rod – may you grumpily continue.

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